Amplificatore per chitarra Line 6 Spider IV 120, 120W, 2×10″


Amplificatore per chitarra 120W.



Amplificatore Line 6 Spider IV

Professional guitarists, acclaimed producers, and the experienced engineers and sound designers at Line 6® spent countless hours creating and dialing in every last guitar amp model—so you don’t have to. Whether you’re looking for a practice amp or a rig for gigging, Spider is like having your own personal amp tech ready to dial in your tone for you at a moments notice.

Get ready to experience the distinct tonal nuances of some of the most celebrated American, British and European guitar amps. Choose from 16 amazing amp models—from a classic rockabilly sound inspired by the bite of a pint-sized Gretsch® 6156, to the beautiful high-end shimmer inspired by a Marshall® JCM-900, to a killer crunch inspired by an Orange® AD30. And that’s just the beginning.

  • 120 watts (stereo)
  • 2×10″ Celestion Custom speakers; Three-quarter closed-back cabinet for a tight, snappy response
  • 500+ presets: 300+ hand-crafted presets from 50 world-famous bands and guitarists, almost 200 dialed in presets inspired by the best guitar songs of all time, up to 64 user-created presets
  • Artist-created presets hand-crafted by Johnny Marr, Slipknot, Pete Anderson, 311, Meshuggah, Lacuna Coil, As I Lay Dying, Steve Stevens, The Donnas, Minus the Bear, and 40 more guitarists and bands
  • Song-based presets inspired by the tones of Master of Puppets, Back in Black, Whole Lotta Love, Daytripper, Toxicity, Purple Haze, Head Like a Hole, Smells Like Teen Spirit, Crazy Train, and almost 200 more
  • 16 exceptional amp models that exhibit sophisticated touch response, complex distortions, and compression that breathes like it’s emanating from a vintage tube amp. (Line 6 modeling is often imitated, but never duplicated.)
  • Up to 8 effects at once with FBV MkII. 20 Smart FX (up to 4 at once) including Smart Harmony and Pitch Glide plus echoes, mods, reverbs, tremolos, delays, and more; Additional effects include Quick Loop, Noise Gate, and Boost; Edit all effects up to 7 parameters deep
  • Bass, Mid and Treble knobs behave like the EQ controls from each modeled amp; Drive knob; Channel volume; Master volume; Manual Mode
  • 1/4-inch input; 1/4-inch headphone/direct output; two 1/4-inch speaker outputs; 1/8-inch CD/MP3 input; FBV jack; Built-in chromatic tuner





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